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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what would egyptian kitteh do?

kittehs, have you been reading about the political protests in egypt? what would you do if you were an egyptian kitteh?

fraggle: all kittehs are egyptian. it is our heritage. of course if i were actually living there i'd be worshiped properly, given reverence and served by well trained staff. none of this getting my own treats.

but fraggle, even the egyptians don't worship cats anymore.

fraggle: what!?!?! astonishing. clearly civilization is ruins, nothing is to be done. you may fetch me some treats now.

what about the protestors? do you sympathize with their plight and concerns?

fraggle: is that a trick question? did you REALLY just ask a kitteh about sympathy? go ask the dog. and get me those treats on the way back.

widget: pee in their shoes.

whose shoes?

widget: all the shoes? or barf. barfing in shoes is good.

do you feel any sympathy for the plight of the citizens?

widget: i don't know what a citizen is but if they want to cuddle i'm all for it.

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