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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mr right

Alice Skary asks: What do the kittehs have to say about how to meet Mr Right?

fraggle: as you can see, there's a lot about looking good that can attract the right male. when i was younger i thought it was all about smell. i went into heat once, before i got spayed. i didn't get to go outside then but my human did. she always came back with other cat smell on her. especially her shoes. there was this one she said was called simba, he lived at another human's house. so when i went into heat i waited until she was all dressed to leave for work and then i sprayed her shoes. i figured she would go visit this simba and maybe he'd like the smell and follow her to me. but she changed her shoes instead and i never got to meet him.

so now that i'm fixed i have to rely on my stunning good looks and muscular body. sure, it's well padded, but underneath all that fluff is a beautiful feline.
also, being a good killer helps. i had a boyfriend once, horus. he taught me how to get birds out of trees and present them to my date. i think that's something like the human custom of winning giant purple pandas at the fair. only birds taste better.

widget: Mr Right? i know that guy! his name is john. he has a nice car with a light on top and he brings yummy pizzas. what more could you want in a man?

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