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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snowed in?

kittehs, there's a massive storm coming! what would kitteh do?

fraggle: storms require a great deal of planning. go over your checklist:
  • the sink is running so kittehs can have fresh water?
  • the feeder reservoir is stocked up and there's a spare bag of chow in the pantry?
  • is there a big pile of blankets on the bed and the vents are blowing heat?
next make sure your human isn't going to get in the way of a three day nap. if they're running around moaning about the power going out or worried about not having enough milk and bottled water, make sure to run under their feet at the opportune time and trip them. with a little practice you can get them to knock themselves out for the whole duration of the storm. trust me, everyone will be more comfortable and you'll have a stress free snow-in.

widget: stand in front of the litterbox and cry at it until it gets cleaned. repeat pretty darn lots, even if it looks clean, you know there's always a poop chunk hiding in there somewhere. and sometimes stand near the cat treats and cry until you get some.

but widget you always do that.

widget: but you have do it more often in a storm because you can't go pee outside. so the litterbox has to be really clean.

what about the treats?

widget: what? i like treats. why would a storm make me not want treats?

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