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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Kitten Alley / Alley Cats and Angels NC asks: how do you feel about polydactyl cats?

fraggle: envious. can you imagine what i could do with thumbs? merely opening doors and turning on faucets would be a thing of the past. i could get my drivers license.

widget: paw-what? awww, lookit the babies! can i wash their heads?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

schrodinger's cats they are not

kim asks:
@ what about cardboard boxes? All cats like cardboard boxes! ...Right?

fraggle: there you go assuming that just because SOME cats have achieved internet celebrity due to some sort of weird fetish, that ALL cats like boxes, frankly, i find boxes to be rather uncomfortable. there's no padding, just hard surfaces. give me a squishy cat bed any day over a cardboard box.

widget: i like the flat ones with food in them. but when the food is gone, they aren't even good for biting on anymore. i kind look like maru though, don't you think? maru's funny

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you asked for it

kittehs, according to the poll, readers want to know your opinion on charlie sheen.

that actor prowling around looking for the next queen in heat? always making a scene and yowling about getting caught? shameless really. classic tomcat. i'm surprised he didn't get a flowerpot to the head long before this. now go away, i have to make myself pretty.

he's that guy on that show with the other guys, right? i like the farting kid, he's funny.
and he's always got something to eat. i like eating

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