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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

kittehs weigh in on vaccinations

kittehs, what do you think about the current trend of some people not getting their kids vaccinated?

fraggle: vaccinations are very important. as you can see in my picture, even i go to the vet for my vaccinations. it's important. i mean, when you are out chasing down foxes, well who knows what they have? no one wants to get rabies.

children don't get rabies shots, fraggle.

fraggle: well why not? a rabid toddler is just about the worst thing i can imagine! they bite, the they stick their hands in their mouths and then wipe it all over your fur. not get rabies shots, hmph! what kind of shots do they get then?

measles, mumps, diptheria, you know, for human diseases.

fraggle: well i don't suppose i care one way or the other about that then, cats don't get the mumps. if they all get sick and die it won't bother me much i guess. seems silly though, not to. clearly they aren't thinking like a cat. self preservation is the way to go!

widget: vax-a-whatsis? is that good to eat?

no widget, it's shots. when you go to the vet you get shots. it keeps you from getting sick.

widget: i'm not sick. the vet said so. look, i even lost weight. like 5 pounds. i'm so proud of me.

what about the children not getting their shots?

widget: are they scared of the vet too? i don't like the vet. he takes my temperature. in a bad place.... that table is cooooold!

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