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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today we have three products for the kittehs to review. please note neither the kittehs nor their human have ever used these products, nor seen them in person. opinions are based solely on the photos and product descriptions on the seller's website.

The Precise Portion Pet Feeder

fraggle: if i lived alone, sure, this would be great. i eat in little bites throughout the day. go for a run, catch something furry, come in and grab a snack. but living with mega butt here, well, if it dispenses 1/4 cup at a time, i'd starve. already i'm always in line behind him for food as it is. i don't want to be licking crumbs off the bottom of the feeder. paws up, as soon as i get rid of the piggie, until then, paws down.

widget: i bet i could get it open and get all the food out at once. i like looking at a big shiny jar of food. totally paws up.

The Warming Cat Bed

fraggle: it looks nice. comfortable. fairly defensible in case of attack. i have one already without the heat or the cover on top. i do worry about lack of visibility. i'd want the cover turned toward the wall so i can see my enemies sneaking up on me. paws up.

widget: mmm, snuggles. it says it's for dogs too. do i have to share with the dogs? i don't think our dog would fit in it but the yippy dog next door would. i'd have to sit on him though. he never shuts up and i wouldn't be able to sleep. paws up as long as i don't have to share with the yippy dog.

The Canine's Misting Oasis

fraggle: so... it's a place to put a dog outside in the heat and then make it wet. you've invented something that makes hot wet dogs? HOT WET DOGS. do you even have a nose? paws down. all the way down!

widget: does it come with a cabana boy? no? then why bother? paws down

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  2. Hi there!! Thanks for those reviews. We think we would give paws down to the feeder...unless there was a way for us to get that thing opened and we could eat all that food at once!! That bed looks pretty cozy though...paws up!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey