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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

paper or plastic

Amy and The House of Cats said...

paper or plastic - which bag is more fun to play with? That is a big debate at our house.

fraggle: does the plastic bag have something interesting in it? perhaps treats?

i think Amy means a grocery bag, fraggle.

fraggle: oh, no, around here those are poop bags. or they get nasty stuff from the fridge that has to be thrown out before garbage day. i don't like to play with those.

widget: bags? i keep finding paper bags on the kitchen floor with treats in them. i go eat the treats but when someone taps on the bag it kinda freaks me out and i have to go hide. which sucks because sometimes i don't finish the treats first. i wish they'd just give me the treats and not put them in a bag. it's dark in there.
i don't play with the poop bags either.
i like to play with belts though. also scarves, sashes, and the long tie thing on the bathrobe.

this is the most i've ever seen widget play with a paper bag, big or little. and there was food in it.

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  1. Hi Kitties! Thanks for the info - we did mean grocery bags. Mom has used them for garbage and poop here too, but until she gets them some of us like to play with them but others of us like the paper bags (because a lot of those have yummy food smells). We just could't decide - we still aren't 100% sure - we think that pre-poop the plastic can be ok (post poop then paper definitely wins). And we do like Widget's explination about the treats in the paper bags - that is kind of swaying some of us more towards those (we really like treats!)

  2. @Amy and The House of Cats fortunately mine have never shown any interest in plastic bags since i think i'd be pretty umcomfortable. widget is about smart enough to get stuck in one and suffocate.
    but they don't really go for containers of any sort actually.