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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

kittehs make it clear: TSA scanners

what's the current kitteh opinion on the new invasive security measures at airports? specifically the millimeter wave and backscatter xray imaging devices?

fraggle: i have to travel in a plastic box with nothing but a towel and my own fur and you worry about nudie pics? i had an xray once. i was eating some grass and got it up my nose. the vet had to find it on the xray before she could go get it out. good drugs though.
and the pat downs i've been hearing about, where they feel you all over - there's nothing wrong with that, right? that's what the vet does to me. i'm sure the TSA agents are well trained and carefully screened to make sure they don't hurt anyone or cause any discomfort.

actually they aren't doctors, fraggle. they get a few hours of training and then have to get several thousand people a day through security.

fraggle: forget what i said earlier. i like the crate. i'll just be over here in my crate without anybody feeling me up, ok?

widget: xrays? is that like cosmic rays? will it make me a superhero and make my eyes glow like this? i like it when my eyes get all glowy. even if it just in pictures, i can pretend i've got super powers. wheee! vrooooom!

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