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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the mice are always browner on the other side

Andrea asks: why do cats always sit around staring out windows?

hear that chatter? that's widget practicing killing small animals.

: i don't really sit around staring out windows, myself. i like to go outside but if i'm inside i'd rather be napping or reading. the appeal of the outside through the window used to be a big part of my day, when i lived near a busy road and couldn't actually go out. it was something to do. otherwise, it's just so boring to sit inside and stare at the walls. you can tell by the way that these cats in the friskies cat cam experiment spend a lot of time looking out windows

windows are awesome. if i can't see out the window i knock stuff over until i can. when i look out the windows here i can watch the deer and the birds and the neighbor's chihuahua who poops on the lawn. mom got him on video, maybe you can see him through the blinds? don't worry, he's not actually pooping in this clip

hugh: i like to look out windows. i'm a good cat and i don't go outside so i only look out windows. i promise. at my last place sometimes i could look out the window into the backyard and watch bunnies. the bunnies are a lot bigger here

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