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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the kittehs discuss going outside

Carolina Cats said...

We kno you get to go owtside wenefur you want. How do we get owr humanbean to allow this? We is only allowed owt for a few minits! Just enuff time to snarf some grass and haf a rollover in the sunshine.

Buddy & Finny
(Princess Jazzy doesn't want to go owtside)

fraggle: early on i tried asking to be let out but found it ineffective. eventually i resorted to opening the front door when it wasn’t deadbolted and leaving it open all day while the human was at work. this made it easy to leave and enter whenever i chose. clearly the human was dissatisfied and acceded to my demands by installing a flap in the window. if she’s going to be gone overnight she shuts the window AND deadbolts the doors so we are stuck but i pay her back by hiding in the closet for a few hours after she returns. her panic amuses me.

also i’ve proved my physical prowess around the neighborhood by making sure my human sees me showing dominance over the other species. the snakes, birds, bunnies, chihuahuas, bats and foxes all know better than to mess with me. i haven’t caught a deer or a coyote yet, but not for want of trying. It’s just a matter of time

i'd show you the video but i'm currently unable to embed it, so here's the link.

fraggle's pet snake

widget: used to be i could only go outside when i broke out, like that time i knocked out the window screen in the bedroom and jumped out. i didn’t know how to get back in then. but when we were living at my auntie’s house i peed on the floors a lot. in bad places too, where it made the floor swell up. then i wasn’t allowed in. i had to live in the garage with the cats who didn’t want to come in. but mostly i would stand at the back door and howl a lot. now i get to do both. it helps that if we aren’t allowed out, fraggle just opens the door for us anyway.

hugh: shhhh!!!! i don’t go outside. that’s not allowed! that’s a bad cat thing! i'm not a bad cat. don’t tell anyone and i won’t pee in your shoes.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, y'all. We kno how to work flaps, we got one from the kitchin to the screen portch and one from mom's room to the living room. See, mom sez there is meen animals owtside that would hert us, like vishus deers and coyoties and big truks, so that's why she won't let us owt by owrselfs.

    We will tell her to reed yore blog and we'll keep trying!!

    Finny & Buddy

  2. i do worry about the coyotes around here a little bit but i'm not kidding about fraggle beating up the fox. haven't been any foxes in the yard since. and my sister caught her stalking a deer. i used to joke about coming home to bambi stuck in the cat door but it's not as funny when it's a real possibility.