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Monday, July 18, 2011

meet hugh!

HI! i've never blogged before. what's blogging? is it good to eat? is it scary? am i allowed to do it? if i'm allowed to do it i don't think it'll be any fun. i really like doing stuff i'm not allowed to do. don't tell anyone but sometimes at my new house i sneak outside through the little door in the window. but if i was allowed to do that it wouldn't be fun. then i'd have to pee on the
carpet again like at my last place. i know i'm not allowed to do that anywhere!

so tell me, how are you all adjusting to hugh coming to live with you? he's one of the Alley Cats and Angels kitties, right? what they call a 'lifer' because he's not very adoptable?

there hasn't been time to share my enlightened opinions and wisdom with you lately. i've been busy plotting the demise of that overgrown orange hairball. if you'll excuse me, i'm due for my turn at blocking the cat door and locking him out of the house.

widget: i like hugh. he doesn't butt in line for treats. i don't think hugh is very smart, not like me. he tried to walk under my belly the other day and knocked me right over because he's really tall. but i've gotten used to cuddling with him


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