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Thursday, January 19, 2012

houseguests of the invited kind

hey, do you guys remember when tater came to stay for a couple of months last winter after he was rescued?

fraggle: sort of. he was in that other room. you spent a lot of time in there and came out smelling like him. i remember being mad at you a lot

widget: sure. he has funny hair

hugh: no. why don't i remember?

hugh, you didn't live here then. you still lived in foster kitty city.

hugh: oh yeah, the place with all the baby cats. i'm like the size of a hundred baby cats!

tater went to live with a very nice person for a while but it turned out tater didn't get on well there. something about insane aggressive biting for no good reason. so now he's living with us again. he has been for a few months now. why don't you guys tell me how things are settling around here?

fraggle: hah! look, i know he's almost twice my size, but you remember that time you and i were sitting there and he came up and smacked me in the face? i used psychology on him. it's the only way to deal with an insane cat. the fact that i didn't hit back and just stared at him freaked him out so much he ran away. we've been fine since then. he doesn't get on my bed and i don't kill him. it's a civilized arrangement

widget: he's fuzzy. i like it. he doesn't like when i wash his hair though and he hits me. i don't like being hit. he leaves plenty of food for me and he always lets me have most of the treats

hugh: i'm under the bed, so i hadn't noticed. he doesn't come under the bed.

tater, how do you like living here?

tater: it's cool. i don't like pill time, but there's always treats after. i mean, i'm kind of glad you got me to like treats. i never liked treats before. those crunchy ones with the soft middles, those are good. it's worth checking in a few times a day for a couple of those. it's nice how we go sit on the deck sometimes. although that fox was weird that one night. he saw me and just ran off into the woods. what's up with the foxes around here?

oh, tater, that's the fox fraggle beat up last year. he's ... kind of afraid of kittehs now.

tater: oh, HER. yeah, i get that. poor fox.

tater will be joining the kitteh commentary in the future. he's still insane though and the prozac doesn't seem to help as much as making sure he has plenty of freedoms and giving him lots of space to be himself. tater is a long term ["lifer"] foster cat from Alley Cats and Angels, much like hugh is.

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