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Friday, April 15, 2022

long intermission

 as until recently i was a long term foster for a cat rescue, several kittehs have come and gone. some got adopted, some came to live with me until they passed from age/illness, and my own personal kittehs all passed from illness. i adopted two of my fosters, hugh (who you've met before) and paprika who joined me the summer of 2018. 

fraggle was with me almost every day of her life from 12 weeks old until kidney failure took her in 2018 just before her 16th birthday. by that point she had survived cancer (with hind left leg amputation), and gone blind from high blood pressure, which may have been related to her asthma medication. i still miss her terribly. 

widget also succumbed to kidney failure at about age 17, in the summer of 2016. i had adopted him back in 2007 and he was a very good boy except when he peed on things (even when he didn't have a urinary tract infection!). he was prone to urinary and kidney problems his whole life. 

valentine came to live with me as a long term foster with the rescue because she only liked 5 people on the planet and two of them were me and my roommate. she was ok with a frequent houseguest but ended up falling for that houseguest's dog, rusty, seen above at their first meeting and below a few minutes later. whenever i put fresh sheets on the guest room bed she'd go wait on the bed, staring out the window at the driveway, until rusty (and his mom) arrived. in 2017 she passed at the age of 17, also from kidney failure. unfortunately, kidney problems are pretty common in older domestic cats.

wemo came to me through the rescue, but not as a cat taken in by the rescue. (he wasn't a foster in their foster program.) wemo had developed feline diabetes and since i have type 1 diabetes myself and had lots of experience with diabetes in cats, when his people reached out for help, i tried to help them with tips on managing it. it turned out they weren't in a position to manage his diabetes so the goal was for me to keep him for a while and start managing it and then we could try to work out him going home when they were ready. as his people never ended up being ready for a chronically ill cat, i became his person. he came to me as a senior kitty and was with me until he passed from diabetes complications and a seizure disorder in 2019. 

maximus came to me for fostering and behavioral training. he came to the rescue as a medically needy kitty (lost almost all his teeth to gum disease) but got thrown out of 6 foster homes for violence and destruction. in the two years he was with me he learned to stop stealing food, turned his destructive energy to cardboard boxes, and got better manners with MOST cats. he made friends with hugh and wemo but he tried to smack fraggle in the face. she never touched him but he spent the next two hours across the room at the top of the cat tree with his head down and his ears back. she was already blind, three-legged and in late-stage kidney disease at the time but he found out just how scary her threats were. and he found out that a blind angry geriatric tripod kitty CAN climb the cat tree. until she passed, maximus stayed at least 3 feet away from fraggle at all times. 
he was also violent at adoption events and had to have a special sign. however, he was also the second smartest cat i've ever known and it wasn't hard to teach him that if he didn't make any humans bleed at the adoption event, i'd stop by the birds on the way out of petsmart for a few minutes so he could watch them. maximus was adopted into a family with another cat that he adores and they are best buddies. 

paprika came to live with me as a foster because he was also thrown out of foster homes for bullying other cats. he and maximus fought like crazy and had to take turns living in the library/cat quarantine room while they both lived here. that's why i didn't adopt maximus myself. (maximus was adoptable, paprika remained too violent and unpredictable for an adoption through the rescue so he had nowhere to go except my house.) paprika has also had a lot of behavioral therapy and training. while he remains fairly unstable around most people, either hiding or prone to violence, with just me he has turned into a needy cuddle bug. paprika used to be known as "alien face hugger" for attempting to rip off faces when picked up, and now is a cat who insists i pick him up and hold him like a baby multiple times a day. as i recently left the rescue, i adopted him because i love him and anywhere else he would probably end up euthanized for his violence. 

i have fostered hugh since he was 2 years old and considered unadoptable for extreme shyness and his semi feral need to go outside. he's still allowed outside a little bit, for a couple of hours in the evenings. as he has matured he is less needy about it, but not being able to go out at least a couple of hours a week will lead to bad behavior. but hey, if a cat is going to get mad at me and pee in the house for it, at least he pees in the shower. easiest to clean spot in the whole house. he gets along with everyone and has never shown any signs of violence to people and has only occasionally been seen defending himself against other cats. even at the vet or having his nails clipped, he doesn't even hiss or slap you with a paw. meekest cat i've ever know. but he did finally come out of his shell, no longer hides under the sofa or runs away when you try to pick him up. i was even recently having my roof replaced and he spent some time sitting in the window watching the activity outside the house. he's an old man now but in good health and i also recently adopted him when i exited the rescue. 

in the past few years i've had a lot of personal upheavals, back to college to finally get my degree and completely changed careers. multiple family members have had medical problems that i've needed to be there for or that have kept me from being able to focus on creative things, like this site. for the moment, things in my life are finally starting to slow down and stabilize and i plan to write some in it in the nearish future. this has just been an update on the kitties that inspired this page and who has passed and who is still here. 

as i am no longer volunteering with the cat rescue, you won't be hearing from any foster kittehs, just hugh and paprika with the occasional possible guest spot from the ferals that dine on my front step or hugh and paprika's cousins/siblings who live with my sister and my parents. (my parents actually adopted paprika's brother, he is named weasel and is also unstable but not violent. he likes to live behind bookcases. as you can see, they are pretty much twins except that weasel just constantly looks anxious and worried.)

here's hoping i will be able to bring you new kitteh content soon!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long time, no kitty - update from fraggle

fraggle: i know it's been a while - there have been a lot of changes since our last publication.

Tater is no longer with us - this is him napping on the human's lunch bag the day before he was killed in may, 2012. i'll spare you the details, but it was instant and he didn't suffer.

Tater had a dog named Ash. Ash used to belong to the human but when Tater moved in, Ash changed loyalties. Ash got really sick in october 2011 but with a lot of medication and laser therapy he did pretty well... for a dog. Unfortunately he succumbed to advanced age and liver failure in april 2013. 
here's Ash taking Tater for a walk (Tinker was Tater's real name - his name had been changed in the rescue program due to abandonment by the ex of his former owner)

JD came to live with us for a  while when his mom was taking care of very ill family but he's gone home now and everyone here is happier for it. JD is handsome to be sure, but he's a jerk and i had to put him in his place more than once.

JD was a real asshole to Widget, who had to wear the cone of shame after JD beat him up. We all laughed at Widget and he got pretty mad.

another human lived here for a while and she brought Tater's brother, Boomer. When she left, Boomer stayed here. he's a poopyhead and gets special treats twice a day after mom pokes him with a needle. apparently he has to have something called insulin twice a day so he can't get out of my house until his mom finishes college or he'd miss too many needles. Boomer beats up on Widget a lot. I feel so bad about it that i haven't been beating up Widget lately at all.

Boomer's also really weird. he's super fat and likes to sleep in the bathtub, the sink, the shower and this week he even tried getting all the way in the fancy water fountain. mom had to take away the water fountain so we're all upset with Boomer for spoiling that. 
he's also a pig and a thief!

Hugh thinks Boomer is great and likes to use him as a bed. Hugh still hasn't figured out social skills like personal space and dignity. 
he sits on the new sofa funny too.

But he did learn to catch live voles and baby bunnies this year, so that's an improvement on his feline qualifications



then we had a THIRD human for a while and i just couldn't get any peace around the place. all the good beds to nap on were taken and i didn't get to sleep in the orange chair for months. they are all gone now and it's just me and mom. oh, and Widget, Hugh and Boomer if you must count them. 

right now i'm REALLY bored and pissed off, so i finally have time to catch you up on things.
mom's got me locked in the guest room and she did something to the door so even when i turn the knob, it won't open. she has some secret human thing that i haven't figured out yet. when i do, i'll be out of here and back in charge of the house, as i should be.
not sure how far that will get me though, since she SHUT THE CAT DOOR on monday.


apparently we are all stuck inside but i don't know why. i've been to the vet a LOT lately and it might be related to that. tuesday i had to go to the vet and i don't know what happened because i'm missing a few hours of my memory but now i have a shaved leg that hurts and itches furiously and i have to wear some sort of inflatable neck ruff. 

fortunately mom brought in my favorite bed from the other room and she's been sleeping in here so i can bite her all night. it's how she knows i am not amused by this turn of events.

all i know is when i try to get the aforementioned ruff off, she says we have to wait for something called a biopsy result and that i should keep practicing using the ramp she set up to get on the bed.

 it got a lot better when mom attached a fuzzy rug to it for traction

i can't wait to get out of here, Hugh's forehead probably needs a good cleaning by now and i can't imagine one of the boys doing it for him

Thursday, January 19, 2012

house guests of the uninvited kind

so in the last few months there have been some problems with interlopers at the house. can you guys share your opinions on the following critters?

fraggle: what raccoon? i don't see a raccoon. seriously, i'm not stupid. i'll beat up a fox but the fat bandit is scary dangerous. i'm avoiding it.

widget: it eats all my food. and makes the water in the fountain funny. *pout*

hugh: i'm not here. you don't see me. don't look under the bed!!!!

tater: dude, i got this. see the raccoon comes in the cat door, right? just saunters on by and doesn't mess wit' nobody. so we're cool.

fat bandit: hey! hey! thanks for inviting me over! i love the new fountain! you have great snacks! hey! why are you chasing me! i don't wanna go home! hey! it's cool! i'll come back later!

okay, so what about this guy? we last saw him last winter when he was just a skinny little black streak running out the cat door. but he's gotten bigger [looks tomcattish and hasn't been observably pregnant, so without checking we are guessing "him"]
i know you guys have some strong opinions because i've heard you talking to him

fraggle: when he's outside, we're cool. he can hang out under the car all day for all i care.

widget: he eats all my food. he just - EATS IT!! it's like he doesn't even care that i'm going to starve to death

hugh: GRRRR! i don't like him one bit. when he's around i am a good boy and i guard the fortress. he shall not pass! i'm a good boy!

tater: it's cool. i mean, he's not so bad. sometimes, man, we hang out, we sit around, catch some rays.

feral tom: seriously, could you talk to that orange one? he's nuts. i just want to grab a snack. it's bad enough i can't come by at night anymore because of that fat bandit but he's all up in my business whenever i stop by for a little lunch.

and here's a strange little non cat. have you met?

fraggle: he smells funny. he doesn't come around much but when he does, the carport just sets off my sniffer. whew!

widget: the weird looking cat? he's kind of pointy. but he doesn't eat my food. i like him. he can come by any time!

hugh: he showed me some neat hidey holes. when i am in my hidey holes you can't see me. he's a good hider.

tater: he's kinda skittish. i mean, he just toddles away when i come around. it's like he's scared of me. what a chicken.

pointy faced cat: lady, quit looking at me.

houseguests of the invited kind

hey, do you guys remember when tater came to stay for a couple of months last winter after he was rescued?

fraggle: sort of. he was in that other room. you spent a lot of time in there and came out smelling like him. i remember being mad at you a lot

widget: sure. he has funny hair

hugh: no. why don't i remember?

hugh, you didn't live here then. you still lived in foster kitty city.

hugh: oh yeah, the place with all the baby cats. i'm like the size of a hundred baby cats!

tater went to live with a very nice person for a while but it turned out tater didn't get on well there. something about insane aggressive biting for no good reason. so now he's living with us again. he has been for a few months now. why don't you guys tell me how things are settling around here?

fraggle: hah! look, i know he's almost twice my size, but you remember that time you and i were sitting there and he came up and smacked me in the face? i used psychology on him. it's the only way to deal with an insane cat. the fact that i didn't hit back and just stared at him freaked him out so much he ran away. we've been fine since then. he doesn't get on my bed and i don't kill him. it's a civilized arrangement

widget: he's fuzzy. i like it. he doesn't like when i wash his hair though and he hits me. i don't like being hit. he leaves plenty of food for me and he always lets me have most of the treats

hugh: i'm under the bed, so i hadn't noticed. he doesn't come under the bed.

tater, how do you like living here?

tater: it's cool. i don't like pill time, but there's always treats after. i mean, i'm kind of glad you got me to like treats. i never liked treats before. those crunchy ones with the soft middles, those are good. it's worth checking in a few times a day for a couple of those. it's nice how we go sit on the deck sometimes. although that fox was weird that one night. he saw me and just ran off into the woods. what's up with the foxes around here?

oh, tater, that's the fox fraggle beat up last year. he's ... kind of afraid of kittehs now.

tater: oh, HER. yeah, i get that. poor fox.

tater will be joining the kitteh commentary in the future. he's still insane though and the prozac doesn't seem to help as much as making sure he has plenty of freedoms and giving him lots of space to be himself. tater is a long term ["lifer"] foster cat from Alley Cats and Angels, much like hugh is.

oh, is this a bad time?

fraggle: if i turn around, this becomes a horror movie and i'm the dumb chick who looked at the serial killer. so i'm just going to pretend there's not a raccoon behind me.

raccoon: i'll come back later.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the mice are always browner on the other side

Andrea asks: why do cats always sit around staring out windows?

hear that chatter? that's widget practicing killing small animals.

: i don't really sit around staring out windows, myself. i like to go outside but if i'm inside i'd rather be napping or reading. the appeal of the outside through the window used to be a big part of my day, when i lived near a busy road and couldn't actually go out. it was something to do. otherwise, it's just so boring to sit inside and stare at the walls. you can tell by the way that these cats in the friskies cat cam experiment spend a lot of time looking out windows

windows are awesome. if i can't see out the window i knock stuff over until i can. when i look out the windows here i can watch the deer and the birds and the neighbor's chihuahua who poops on the lawn. mom got him on video, maybe you can see him through the blinds? don't worry, he's not actually pooping in this clip

hugh: i like to look out windows. i'm a good cat and i don't go outside so i only look out windows. i promise. at my last place sometimes i could look out the window into the backyard and watch bunnies. the bunnies are a lot bigger here

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